The Course

The course is mostly single track trail, with the exception of a short (approx .25 mile) paved section at the start and finish.  Be prepared for dirt, rocks, roots, mud, and nature galore!


3 loops of the entire trail system. Approximately 5,000 ft elevation gain.

10 mile: 

The entire trail system. Approximately 1,700 ft elevation gain.


Includes the Lake Loop (orange) and the Laurel Loop (pink). Approximately 500 ft elevation gain.


Elevation Chart:





Situated on the edge of Spencer Mountain in Lowell, NC is the terrain-fest known as Poston. The trail is deceptively challenging and arguably the biggest cardio challenge in the Charlotte region. There is more elevation change per mile than any other local trail. The topography has few flat areas so you are always either ascending or descending! Lot of benched hillside trail, plenty of twists, and nice singletrack! Poston offers nice challenges for all levels of runners as we’re always sure to think about the advanced crowd as much as we are the beginner. Beyond the trail layout and features the woods themselves are a real jewel. Multiple creek crossings, mature forest, lake views, sections of thick laurel that temporarily transports you to the Appalachians, and the significantly rare large leaf magnolia – Poston is more than just a trail, as these extraordinary woods provide a truly unique experience among the local trails.

*source: course description courtesy of Bike PASA